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Blockchain innovations

Creating a generational wealth ecosystem for the world

unseen technology

A “World’s 1st” in computational design and integration

The quantum revolution

The power of Quantum computing has finally been unlocked

About us

Founded by Dr. Winston Wu, The Raindrop DAO aims to produce generational wealth using Quantum computers to unlock the limitless power of blockchain technology.

“Winston is a man of deep integrity who has been through so much. From living without freedom in China, to prison, to the freedom to pursue his goals, he has never quit in the face of adversity.”

Raindrop DAO Team Leader

“We were very happy to be a part of the Alpha phase. We learned many techniques they plan to use for future testers, how it works and we saw the benefits with our own eyes. I trust the team completely.”

Tester #3

Alpha Phase Tester

“I loved participating in their Alpha Testing phase and I was impressed with the technology they are using. It’s a very ambitious project that utilizes Quantum computing.”

Tester #12

Alpha Phase Tester